About this Course 

Welcome to the next steps toward your path to understanding and enjoying wine. In this course I will answer a question which comes up very often when I’m teaching wine classes. Do wines come in different styles?  What are the styles of wine?  For most of us, when we begin our journey into wine, our first sip is a sweet wine. This is a category of a wine style, and one of the wine styles you’ll be learning about in this course.

What better way to learn about Wine Styles than to explore wine grapes that are most familiar to every wine drinker, regardless of palate experience. I like to call these “The Classic Wine Grapes.” You may recall these grapes from our other course - How To Taste Wine.

What is included:

  • You will have a refresher of  the “Classic” Wine Grapes
  • You will have a refresher of  How to Taste Wine  
  • Wine recommendations (see NOTE below)
  • You will learn what the different Wine Styles are   
  • Workbook for you to keep
  • Video Wine Tasting Exercises with a list of supplies and wines
  • Quizzes to help you retain what you've learned
  • Final Exam
  • 3 months unlimited use

Benefit from taking the course:

  • Get a better understanding about different wines and styles
  • Discover your Wine Palate
  • Be a more confident when tasting wine

Who should take this course:

This course is not just for the beginner. It is designed for anyone wanting to expand on or refresh their wine and food tasting skills and knowledge.


If you would like to use the wines I'm using in this On-Demand Tasting Experience, I have included a link where you can purchase them. The wines are from the Boisset Collection of Wines.  If you prefer to purchase wines from your local store where you shop, purchase wines that are similar in grapes and style as used in this tasting experience.

Please purchase your wines before starting your On-Demand Tasting Experience.



1. Rose': Deloach or Wattle Creek 

(If you purchase from your wine shop, look for a Rose' made from Pinot Noir)

2. White: Buena Vista Chardonnay

3. Red: Raymond Vineyard Classic Cabernet Sauvignon


(The 'Buy Now" button will open in a new tab to the Boisset Wine Collection website. if  you take action on my recommendation,  The purchase of these wines mean, that I may receive compensation) 

Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome! Wine Styles Course #2

    2. Table of Contents

    1. Classic Wine Grapes Refresher



    1. How to Taste Wine “A Refresher”

    2. How to Taste Wine “Look”

    3. How To Taste Wine "Swirl & Smell"

    4. How To Taste Wine "Taste"

    5. How To Taste Wine "Finish"

    1. Introduction To Wine Styles

    2. Wine Style Influences

    3. Wine Style Influences Continued

    4. Learning About the Wine Styles

    1. Tasting the Different Wine Styles

    2. Tasting White Wine Styles

    3. Tasting Red Wine Styles

    4. Tasting Other Wine Styles


About this course

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About the instructor

Larschelby Kidd


I am a California native who calls Wisconsin home. During my 20+ years in Wisconsin I've witnessed lots of change and growth within Wine Industry. The consumer wants to learn more about enjoying wine. I believe that building a good Wine Foundation is the key to enhancing your Wine Experiences. I'm a former Chef and Wine Grape Grower, A Lover of Wine, Self Proclaimed Foodie and Educator, who wants to make learning about wine easy, approachable and most importantly fun!. My philosophy is simple, "Let Your Palate Be The Guide"

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