Welcome To Wine!


Today you have taken the first steps toward your enjoyment of wine.

Our Wine Courses cover the fundamentals of wine tasting to give you a solid foundation from which any level wine drinker can grow from. The sequence for our progressive learning format is, How To Taste Wine, Wine Styles & Wine and Food Pairings. Our goal is to keep you constantly engaged, growing and learning.  Of course, you can take them in any order you prefer.

Want to put into practice what you've learned? Continue your wine journey with our self-guided On-Demand Tasting Experiences.

Each On-Demand Tasting Experience will focus on specific grapes, wine regions, countries and more. 

I created these Tasting Experiences to put you in control. You determine the pace of how much information you want to absorb. The learning modules consist of reading, slides downloads and video.  Using pre-recorded video  you have the ability to rewind, fast forward or stop and resume your Tasting Experience at a later time. You can also submit questions from inside of your On-Demand Tasting Experience.

I want help make you more confident when talking about wine with friends, and describing to the Wine Steward or Store Clerk the style of wines you like. Most importantly, we want you to level up and enjoy every bottle of wine.

It doesn't matter if you are a sweet, dry, red, white, or sparkling wine drinker. I believe that inside everyone a wine connoisseur is waiting to happen. 

Your instructor and course creator, Larschelby Kidd has over 20 years experience in the Culinary and Wine Industry. He has taught hundreds of new and experienced wine drinkers the simple pleasure of exploring wine, one bottle at a time. My philosophy, "Let Your Palate Be The Guide"

Sign up for one course or all, and let us help you discover the World of Wine, one wine glass at a time.