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Do you want to enhance your enjoyment of wine?  How about developing your palate to help you pick the best wine over a good wine?

The "How To Taste Wine" basic course will put you on the right path to evaluating and enjoying wine.

This course is designed to get you tasting wines quickly. With easy to follow along worksheets and videos that will help bring out the wine connoisseur in you.

Use the recommended wines to purchase and follow along with me or purchase from your local wine store, similar wines with the same grapes and wine style.

Learn how to "Let Your Palate Be The Guide"  when selecting wines for any occasion! 



Benefits of taking the course:

  • Basic understanding of tasting wine
  • Build your wine knowledge with confidence
  •  Learn about The "Classic Grapes"
    & simple wine evaluation techniques
  • Learn about Wisconsin Wine Grapes
  • Grow your wine descriptor database
  • Downloadable worksheets and more
  • Must be 21+ to enroll in this course
  • 3 Months Unlimited Use

Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome! How To Taste Wine Course #1

    2. Table of Contents

    1. What are the Classic Wine Grapes?

    2. The Classic White Grape and Descriptors

    3. The Classic Red Grapes and Descriptors

    1. Welcome! Lesson 2

    2. How to Taste Wine “Getting Started”

    3. How To Taste Wine "Look" Visual Analysis

    4. How to Taste Wine Look Video

    5. How to Taste Wine "Swirl and Smell" Nose Analysis

    6. How to Taste Wine Smell Video

    7. How to Taste Wine "Taste Analysis"

    8. How to Taste Wine Taste Video

    9. How to Taste Wine "Finish" Final Impression

    10. How to Taste Wine Finish Video

    11. Practice Quiz Lesson 3

    12. Congratulations!

    1. Final Exam

    2. Your Feedback is Appreciated

About this course

  • $15.00

About the instructor

Larschelby Kidd


I am a California native who calls Wisconsin home. During my 20+ years in Wisconsin I've witnessed lots of change and growth within Wine Industry. The consumer wants to learn more about enjoying wine. I believe that building a good Wine Foundation is the key to enhancing your Wine Experiences. I'm a former Chef and Wine Grape Grower, A Lover of Wine, Self Proclaimed Foodie and Educator, who wants to make learning about wine easy, approachable and most importantly fun!. My philosophy is simple, "Let Your Palate Be The Guide"

What others have been saying about this course:

This course is made for the beginner wine taster and a great refresher for the experienced

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