About This Course

Welcome to the next steps toward your path to understanding and enjoying wine. In this course I will share with you the secrets I've learned over my years of drinking wine with various foods.

This Wine and Food Pairing course includes food pairing suggestions with recipes and cooking video, wine recommendations with information, and downloadable workbook.

Tell me the Fun:

  • 30 Day Unlimited Use
  • Get some good Wine Tips!
  • Cooking is always fun!
  • Build your own Wine and Food Pairing library
  • Discover the Connoisseur in you
  • Make some Great Discoveries!
  • Be Entertained
  • Make it a PARTY!
  • Wash and Repeat with other guests!
  • Live, Laugh, Learn

Need Inspiration?

Cooking In the Raw!

Wisconsin Wine Guy

 "Make your Ordinary Wine Experiences, Extraordinary Wine Experiences"


Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    1. Wine and Food Pairing: Introduction

    2. Wine and Food Pairing: The Process

    3. Wine and Food Pairing: Guidelines

    4. Wine and Food Pairing: Conclusion

    5. On-Demand Wine and Food Pairing: Next Steps

    6. On-Demand Wine and Food Pairing Introduction

    7. White Wine and Spices

    8. Rose' Wine and Spices

    9. Red Wine and Spices

    10. Wine and Cheese Pairing

    11. Wine and Quesadilla Pairing

    12. Wine and Quesadillas with Spicy Sauces

    13. Whine and Chocolate Pairing

    1. Survey

About this course

  • $35.00
  • 15 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

About the instructor

Larschelby Kidd


I am a California native who calls Wisconsin home. During my 20+ years in Wisconsin I've witnessed lots of change and growth within Wine Industry. The consumer wants to learn more about enjoying wine. I believe that building a good Wine Foundation is the key to enhancing your Wine Experiences. I'm a former Chef and Wine Grape Grower, A Lover of Wine, Self Proclaimed Foodie and Educator, who wants to make learning about wine easy, approachable and most importantly fun!. My philosophy is simple, "Let Your Palate Be The Guide"

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